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Baraya Band Video Profile: Memperkenalkan Musisi Tunanetra Yang Akan Tampil di 5th Thailand International Blind Music Festival Melalui Vidio Profil

Sami Frandy Mandala (Semi)


Semi, who was born in Kupang, on May 2, 1995, is actually not a player of Baraya Music Band. However, Hendra believes that Semi is good at playing a drum, so he asks him to perform in Bangkok with Baraya Band. Semi is currently a high school student, and his ability at music is very outstanding. He is expert at playing musical instrument such as drum and Kendang Sunda (A two-headed Sundanese drum). The achievements of the guy whose voice is melodious are amazing; he won some singing competitions, and became a singer in the International Disability Day taken place in Presidential Palace of Indonesia (Istana Negara) in Jakarta.


Carinna Amagia (Carin)


Karin was born in Jakarta on August 2, 1996. She has had a dream job to be an international singer since she was a child. To make her dream come true, she joins a lot of competitions either solo or band. One of her greatest achievements was that she became a guest star in the concert of two famous singers, Afghan and Raisa, entitled “Trust Me” in 2015. Since then, she was offered so many opportunities to develop her career such as singing in the birthday of a wife of a well-known businessman and a former minister of Indonesia. Then, to improve her skill, she is taking a singing lesson. Karin herself is actually not a regular singer of Baraya Music Band, however, Hendra believes that she is capable and good at singing, so she is hired to be a singer for the event in Bangkok.


Larasati Putri Purwono (Laras)


She was born on August 22, 1992. Laras, who graduated from Psychology Faculty at Bandung Islamic University, is obviously not a musician as other people. She is taking a part in the event since she is a Chaperone for all representative musicians from Indonesia who are contributing in the event.


These are some clips that were taken when we were rehearsing. We only practiced once due to the time limit. Moreover, the place where Karin lives is far from other members, and it became one of challenges as well. Accordingly, we keep in touch and discuss the things online. Hopefully Baraya Band can give the best performance and bring a positive image of Indonesia particularly blind community to the world. Also, hopefully the members of Baraya Band can expand networking and experience.

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