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Baraya Band Video Profile: Memperkenalkan Musisi Tunanetra Yang Akan Tampil di 5th Thailand International Blind Music Festival Melalui Vidio Profil

Gian Ginanjar (Gian)


Gian, who was born in Pangalengan on June 3, 1993, is a drummer of Baraya Music Band. He is one of talented musicians in Baraya Music Band, and his skill at playing guitar, keyboard and drum is real evidence that he is very talented at music. Another remarkable thing is that he has a typical voice. When it comes to Baraya Music Band, he is a drummer, however, Hendra gets him to be a keyboard player later in Bangkok.


Gian has achieved a bunch of achievements in terms of music. He used to win some local and national competitions, music festival as well as becoming the top 50 of a national talent show broadcasted on national TV. Likewise, he came up with some bands and songs as well as starting his career as an arranger.


Karisma Nurhakim (Aris)


Aris, who was born in Curup, Bengkulu Province, on December 28, 1993, is a melody guitarist of Baraya Music Band. Similar to Gian, Aris also has another skills such as playing a flute and singing. Moreover, Aris, who is taking Special Education at Islamic University of Nusantara, has achieved many achievements in terms of music. His achievements are winning some local and national music competition, becoming the finalist of some talent shows on TV, coming up with several bands in Bandung including doing live music performances.


Sony Satrio Dwi Laksono (Soni)


Sony, who was born in Indramayu, on December 8, 1994, is a bass player of Baraya Music Band. Beside talented at music, Soni is also good at sport such as chess. He won a chess tournament in the provincial level. Similarly, he has also achieved some achievements in terms of music such as winning singing and music competitions, coming up with some new bands as well as hired to be performers on live music performances in Bandung.


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